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Blame It On My Juice

About 7 years ago as Del and I sat down and seriously talked about Mirrorgloss and what we wanted from it and what we wanted to accomplish, we held each other's hands, looked at each other and said "Are you ready for the hate we are going to get, people online will make fun of us and say hurtful things because we are "fat". We obviously say fuck it and moved forward because we had each other to lean on and would encourage one another, and also find strength from some fierce allies. As you can imagine, we've received hateful comments and hurtful behavior when we dropped our first video - but we knew this would happen.

This is why what Lizzo is doing is so powerful. Why her assless pants mean so much to so many, and why we fiercely support her and her movement to break the social norms that make us think big is NOT beautiful. Before you condemn her, ask yourself if you had to prepare yourself for the harm and hate that you know is coming for you for the simple fact you are chasing your dream and being fabulous while you do it.

No matter what your opinion is when it comes to fashion - STOP and LISTEN. We have never had a fat sex symbol to look up to. One who has accomplished so much. A lot of pop stars choose risque fashion to represent their brand, but none of them looked like me... and that is why Mirrorgloss encourages you to cut the ass out of your pants and twerk at this game called life every day.

Because your body is beautiful through all transition or no transition. and you deserve to feel sexy in it at all times

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